You would like to found an indoor trampoline park or build an trampoline hall? Today, more than 100 trampoline parks offer a comprehensive range of leisure activities. What first began about a decade ago in Germany has become a real hype. TV series such as Big Bounce and Ninja Warrior thus guarantee permanently positive viewing figures.

And the success finally proves the steadily increasing number of trampoline halls right. More than 100 thousand visitors can be found in an average trampoline park every year. With an equally average jumping time of 90 minutes and the average entrance fee of 15 Euros, sales in the millions can be achieved.

This makes a trampoline park a very lucrative business model. Would you also like to found a trampoline park?



AirHop, Jump/One, Jump House, Jump Hut, Jump Room or Superfly. Successful indoor trampoline park operators. This, although the offer is often comparable. In addition to the large trampoline area in the center of the respective facility, the so-called main court, there are, correctly enough, numerous attractions. For example, the Wall trampoline offers the possibility to run on the wall. The foam pit allows the free fall into the pit full of foam cubes. The airbag cushions the jump from the freefall slide. Just as from the trapeze or also from the waterfall trampolines. Wipeout promotes dexterity. And in the dodgeball area, the classic dodgeball is virtually reinvented.


The offer of the trampoline parks rightly goes far beyond the actual trampoline jumping. In the bounce area it is all about skill and the possibility of overcoming obstacles in mutual competition. Whoever pushes the buzzer at the finish line first may qualify for Big Bounce on RTL tomorrow. But also skills from the parkour are in demand in the trampoline hall meanwhile. This is where skill, grip, strength and an indomitable will come into play. As a ninja warrior you have to climb the 5 meter high Walkwall. To shimmy on hooks, rings, wheels and recessed grips with one hand. Or simply to prevent falling into the foam pit. A certain amount of sportiness and sufficient stamina are therefore a basic requirement.


But how can you found a trampoline park? How do you logically ensure the necessary number of visitors to the trampoline park? What is the difference to the competition? Or opposite the indoor playground? And finally, that has to be considered in advance?

As a specialist for indoor entertainment Contigo accompanies trampoline parks from the very beginning. Contigo developed the first concept for Superfly Air Sports already in 2014. In addition to a total of 8 Superfly locations, numerous further implementations for established customers throughout Germany followed.

We are happy to support you when you build your trampoline park. Accordingly we would like to give you some tips already today. Can it start? Would you like to open an indoor trampoline park?

Tip 1: Hall trampoline park
Tip 2: Financing trampoline park
Tip 3: Concept trampoline park

Tip 1: Hall trampoline park


Not every hall is suitable for a trampoline park. Besides good accessibility by bus and train or even by car, size in an important criterion. Even more important than the available floor space of at least 1,800 square meters is the height of the hall. With a construction of 130cm and an average jumping height of 150cm of an equally average Central European with a height of 175cm, the height of the hall is already almost 5 meters. In order to prevent the jumper from reaching the ceiling too often and to offer attractions with the corresponding thrill, a minimum height of 6.5m is recommended.

If this is given, further aspects such as a fire protection regulations, requirements of the development plan and also future rental or investment costs have to be considered. A qualified inspection with an expert provides information here, as does the possible coordination with Contigo specialists.

Tip 2: Financing trampoline park


Should it be a pure trampoline park? Is a separate bounce area planned? Is there perhaps an adjacent ninja course? Or is an additional indoor playground for the smaller visitors planned?

All this ultimately determines the actual equipment of the future park and thus of course the budget. While the classic indoor playground is still realizable for an average of 500 thousand euro, a much larger sum has to be planned for the trampoline park. Depending on the equipment, the future investment can almost easily overcome the magic limit of one million euro.


Irrespective of whether future financing is provided by equity capital or corresponding borrowed capital, a meaningful business plan is required. This enables the concrete definition of future costs and possible earnings in advance. Here, personnel costs are defined as well as seasonal fluctuances and possible competitors. Acquisition costs and depreciation are calculated here. And details regional key figures and technical requirements are taken into account.

Contigo will provide you with a business plan specially tailored to the Indoortainment industry. More than 15 years of experience in the field of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks guarantee you industry key figures and specialized know-how.

Tip 3: Concept trampoline park


In addition to a coherent selection of future attractions, what counts above all is a comprehensive concept. Everything must be right here in order to be discovered and also to be remembered. What the website promises, the trampoline hall must finally keep. And it’s not just about the possibilities for climbing, jumping and shimmying. What counts here is a consistent brand.


After all, this brand is the basis for the selection of equipment, the design of the interior and for the future orientation of the gastronomy. The basis of this brand orientation is the target group. Should the offer appeal to younger visitors? Or is the sporting orientation in the foreground? Should the future address be cool and mysterious? Or are friendly, bright colors important? – These are the first questions to develop colors, design orientations and perhaps also the name of the future trampoline hall. Once this has been defined, the process of designing the hall will continue. Here, in addition to a target group-oriented equipment, the walking paths, the wall paintings and the menu offer are defined. Even the design of the WC doors ultimately plays a role in creating a consistent appearance with brand character.

Besides the successful global player Superfly, numerous other successful trampoline parks speak for themselves.  Ninfly, Sprungfrei, JumpNFun, World-of-Jumpers and many more confirm the success of a Contigo concept.

We would be happy to develop the perfect indoor park for you too. To do so, we analyze your ideas, your target orientations and your regional possibilities. Accordingly, we prepare an almost 100-page business plan and make sure that you get the right equipment in best quality and at best conditions. Complementary measures for the design of the interior decoration and the application round off the complete offer. Please contact us. We look forward to your first contact under 02602/83871-0 or or via our contact form.